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Here at Ark, relationships mean everything. From there trust, confidence, and collaboration is what leads to endless possibilities together.


To provide organizations with strategic approaches to using digital tools so they can scale their impact. 

Ark Digital Marketing Agency

Our Story

Our name is inspired by the biblical narrative of Noah and the ark. In this story, God tasks Noah with a monumental project that was seemingly impossible, but successfully executed with trust, faith, and creative grit.

For us, the ark is more than an end-product, but a symbol of a process rooted in relationship and service. We endeavor to approach our work with the same strategy and execution as Noah to fulfill something greater than ourselves.

Our Values

Helping others, family, and education. These are the tenets of not just our company and work, but our overall approach to life. We have an insatiable desire to serve and lift others up. Our family is what drives our purpose. And learning keeps us forever in a state of growth.


Ark Digital Marketing Agency

Our Team

We operate as a creative collective. Each of us brings experience as freelancers, shaping Ark to be a group of nimble, client specialists.

Founders Conoon Kim and Dominick Tecson partnered to combine their backgrounds in digital strategy and execution. Together, they help clients across the US, from mom-and-pop shops to nationwide organizations, with their obsession to build a better digital world.