Clergy Trust

Revitalizing a brand in a time of crisis.

Clergy Trust is committed to the betterment of Boston priests so that together, they can build stronger communities.





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With the pandemic shutting down in-pew donations, this cut the organizations’ revenue drastically. Clergy Health & Retirement Trust, as they were known at the time, needed to pivot… and pivot fast.


Since Christmas is one of the biggest and final fundraising efforts of the year, we saw an opportunity to push Clergy Trust into digital marketing by first refreshing their brand and then doubling down on the value of clergy for the community. With so many organizations in survival mode and competing for digital attention, we prioritized a renewed and welcoming spirit.

We took the jump and presented final designs as concepts, which then had to be deployed rapidly. This took guts and effort by multiple teams, especially from the clients, but the result was a complete new brand and website in less than 4 weeks. What normally would take months, we worked closely with leadership to push forth unconventional results without compromise.

Clergy Trust now has better momentum and focus going into 2021, leveraging digital as a way to build new relationships and to carry our their mission effectively.

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Clergy Trust

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Clergy Trust

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